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MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne

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In a world where fame and power seem to dominate the mainstream, it's time to get back to our roots. MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne, is designed for men comfortable in their own skin - those who don't need to be associated with the latest trend or fad. A classic and timeless scent that embodies a lifestyle of strong history and heritage.

Independent. Courageous. Rebellious.

A woodsy aroma with hints of spice: including notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli.

Be bold - Bask in the MOONSHINE.


Product Size: 3.4 Fl Ounces / 100 ML

Package includes cologne, burlap travel sack, and wooden storage box.
Ingredients: Water, Fragrance, Alcohol.
Due to the nature of cosmetics, all sales are final.

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4 Reviews

Blake Bullen Nov 8th 2017

Want to chop down a tree with your beard while defeating bears? Buy this

This is the most manly thing you'll ever buy. Hell, the thing comes in a burlap sack inside a wooden box. That alone smells great AF. But the cologne makes you smell like you just became the worlds most interesting and attractive outdoorsman. You'll bond with big game elk while wrestling bears with ease, right after you use your new iron strong beard to chop down a tree. Afterwards you'll go make sweet sweet love to several dozen women while also making delicious pancakes and smoking a corncob pipe. Get this to be super manly

Anonymous Nov 8th 2017

I hate 99% of colognes that you see in a store

I hate 99% of colognes that you see in a store. They all smell almost exactly the same to me. I wanted something a little woodsy and interesting and different. My wife bought me this and I am absolutely in love. I will always use this. I can't recommend it enough. As far as how long it lasts, it varies. I haven't done any scientific trials but I apply it on my neck and still smell it on my shirt after a night of partying. Never smells overpowering either.

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